Animal Bite Prevention Kit contains all the following:

“Animal Safety Is Fun! has been used in all fifty states and at least six countries around the world. Dr. Cornwell has presented “Animal Safety Is Fun!” and the supporting professional journal article “The Epidemiology and Prevention of Dog Bites” at national and international meetings as well as libraries, schools and civic associations.


Download the 13 minute video and play on any computer. The video prepares the instructor to present this fun project. The video also contains a section for kids to watch and review what they’ve learned. The video is closed captioned for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Copyright Letter

Teacher’s Guide

Parent’s Guide

Coloring Poster

The coloring poster will be a hit with the kids! The summary of the lesson is included right on the coloring page, allowing the child to internalize the take-away points in preventing dog bites.


Event Flyer

The event flyer will allow you to advertise your event with a location, date and time. Make copies and hang around your school, community bulletin boards, restaurants, rec centers, etc…