Children’s Safety Around Dogs

Animal Safety Is Fun! Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs
Each year more than five million people are treated for dog bite wounds. The estimated cost of those injuries is more than six million dollars. About 75% of those bitten are children. Most dogs are friendly. The majority of dog bites are inflicted by dogs who are frightened or excited by people doing things which agitate them. The dog bite epidemic is largely a preventable problem. Our goal is to teach children and adults how to avoid dog bites by respecting dog’s territory and utilizing two defensive postures when approached by dogs. These postures are called “Be A Tree” and “Act Like A Log”. The postures help us all remember not to run when in the presence of dogs. For more information see or .


School Teacher’s Safety

A school teacher told me she learned Animal Safety Is Fun! “Be A Tree and Act Like A Log” with her students during a presentation by a local Veterinarian. A month later she and her husband were walking in their neighborhood. Suddenly, a large dog bolted from a house, running straight towards them. Her husband said, “Run, let’s get out of here”! She told him, “No, I know what to do. Stand still and Be A Tree”. He ignored her advice and ran. The dog took no notice of her and ran past her to catch and bite her husband several times. Too bad he didn’t listen to his wife.