Animal Safety Is Fun! Always Improving

This animal bite prevention program began in 1976 with the goal of minimizing the severity and number of dog bites to children and adults through education and the use of two defensive maneuvers. The newly released DVD (2014) teaches children to remain still and “Be A Tree” or “Act Like A Log”. Dr. Cornwell has personally presented this program in libraries, schools, civic groups and professional meetings for many years.
In the past many¬†advocates of this program have presented it in all fifty American states and now seven countries around the globe with the recent addition of Bolivia. Our goal is children’s safety around animals. Over the years the program has been presented in Super 8, VHS and now DVD format. Please visit us at: or communicate via


Animal Safety Is Fun! Bolivia

In January, Tidal Creek Fellowship Missions Team members ventured to Sucre, Bolivia to help build a new school building and serve the local community. As a part of this mission Dr. Cornwell donated two Animal Safety Is Fun! Animal Bite Prevention Educational Kits to the orphanage and schools. Now, Animal Safety Is Fun! is in use in all fifty states and seven countries around the globe. Orphanage officials were especially pleased to obtain the DVDs because a child had been bitten and received multiple rabies treatment shots not long ago in their area.