Safety At Port Royal Elementary School

Dr. Cornwell presented Animal Safety Is Fun! at Port Royal Elementary School today. Two classes of second grade students learned how to be safe around animals. They practiced “Be A Tree” and “Act Like A Log”! Finally, they completed the Coloring Poster for Animal Safety Is Fun! to take home to their families. We had lots of fun!


Safety Around Animals: OVMA & Dr Cornwell Partner

Safety! As part of National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 17–23), The OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Association) has partnered with animal safety expert Dr. Michael Cornwell to raise awareness. We invite you to use the following resources to educate your clients on how to avoid dog bites.

Dog Bite Prevention Fact Sheet — Made available free of charge by the OVMA Public Education Committee, veterinarians may download and print this educational fact sheet to display in their hospitals and distribute to clients.

Animal Safety is Fun! — Developed by OVMA Member Dr. Michael Cornwell, this fun, live-action, video-based kit will teach children how to avoid dog bites. Veterinarians and other animal care professionals may purchase this kit to use in school presentations, community outreach programs, safety town programs and more.


We Cause Of Most Dog Bites! Safety

Animal Safety Is Fun!
May 17-23, 2015 is National Dog Bite Prevention Week! Here’s how you can help. Humans are the cause of the majority of dog bites. So, we can prevent most dog bites by behaving well around dogs. Please visit: