Animal Safety Is Fun! @ NWCC

Dr. Cornwell presented “Animal Safety Is Fun!” to “The Eagles” Class at NWCC on Friday, March 24th. The class watched the “Animal Safety Is Fun!” video. Then they practiced how to “Be A Tree” and “Act Like A Log”. They asked questions about safety around dogs, cats and wildlife. Finally, they received an “Animal Safety Is Fun!” “Coloring Poster” and “Parent’s Guide”. All these little preschool campers enjoyed learning how to “Be A Tree” and “Act Like A Log”! They completed their “Animal Safety Is Fun!” “Coloring Posters”. They received an “Animal Safety Is Fun!” “Parent’s Guide”. The children took both pages home so they could teach the rest of the family these important life safety skills. It was a fun day for all.

Cornwell and Coloring Poster