Animal Safety Is Fun! At The YMCA

On July 16, 2018 Dr.Cornwell presented Animal Safety Is Fun! at the Wardle Family YMCA of Beaufort, SC Summer Camp. As they watched a short video these enthusiastic little campers learned how to respect dog’s territory, leave stray dogs alone, and tell the nearest safe adult about stray, or unusual dogs.
Next, they learned how to behave when a dog approaches them when they are standing up, or lying down. They enjoyed learning how to “Be A Tree” while standing, and “Act Like A Log” while lying down when approached by a dog. They learned that these are neutral non-threatening positions so most dogs will simply walk away.
Finally, each camper completed an Animal Safety Is Fun! Coloring Poster. At the end of the day the children took their vividly colored posters home with an Animal Safety Is Fun! Parent’s Guide. The Parent’s Guide explains to the family at home what their child learned earlier that day. The campers were advised to teach their siblings and the entire family how to “Be A Tree” and “Act Like A Log” as well as all the other information they learned in Animal Safety Is Fun! at the YMCA.
Coloring Poster