“Animal Safety Is Fun!” Donated To Beaufort Pediatrics

“Animal Safety Is Fun!” Donated To Beaufort Pediatrics

On May 8, 2017 Dr. Cornwell donated a copy of the DVD Kit Version of “Animal Safety Is Fun!” to Beaufort Pediatrics. Beaufort Pediatrics is located in Suite 1 at 964 Ribaut Rd. in Beaufort, South Carolina 29902. Dr. Cornwell donated the “Animal Safety Is Fun!” Kit to Dr. Kimberly Martin and Dr. William Martin for use in their patient and family education efforts to teach children how to prevent dog, cat and wildlife bites and injuries.

Over the years Dr. Cornwell has donated nearly 100 copies of “Animal Safety Is Fun!” to libraries, civic associations, universities, veterinary and medical professional organizations, health departments and state and local government agencies.

Also, several copies of “Animal Safety Is Fun!” have been donated to foreign countries where animal rabies is endemic. In most of these countries anti-rabies immunizations for cats and dogs are seldom utilized. And, there are no spay/neuter programs in available. In many of these countries human exposure to rabid dogs rabies is not uncommon. If your organization is interested in purchasing a copy of “Animal Safety Is Fun!”please contact Dr. Cornwell at www.animalsafetyisfun.com, DrC@animalsafetyisfun.com or call 843-986-1142.

J. Michael Cornwell, DVM
Animal Safety Is Fun LLC
Joseph Michael Cornwell, DVM, Sole Member
47 E. National Blvd, Beaufort, SC 29907
(843) 986-1142(H)
(614) 327-3712(C)

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