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Animal Safety Is Fun! Bolivia

In January, Tidal Creek Fellowship Missions Team members ventured to Sucre, Bolivia to help build a new school building and serve the local community. As a part of this mission Dr. Cornwell donated two Animal Safety Is Fun! Animal Bite Prevention Educational Kits to the orphanage and schools. Now, Animal Safety Is Fun! is in use in all fifty states and seven countries around the globe. Orphanage officials were especially pleased to obtain the DVDs because a child had been bitten and received multiple rabies treatment shots not long ago in their area.

Animal Safety Is Fun! OSU CVM Award

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
2014 Alumni Recognition Award Recipients Named

The Alumni Recognition Awards are given annually to select college alumni who have “contributed to the enhancement of the veterinary medical profession through service to the college, dedication to organized veterinary medicine or the advancement of scientific knowledge or through the contribution of their time and effort for the development of their community and the public welfare” as stated by Ohio State’s College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society, which the nominees have to be a member of in order to be considered.

The winners are chosen by the selection committee that comprises the president-elect (chair) of the Veterinary Medicine Alumni Society, three Alumni Society Board of Trustees members-at-large and one alumnus/alumna from the college faculty. Four winners were chosen for 2014, and include:
Dr. J. Michael Cornwell, DVM ‘69

OSUCVM 2014 Alumni Award

Dr. J. Michael Cornwell, currently of Beaufort South Carolina, graduated from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1969. He was nominated for the Alumni Recognition Award for his professionalism and dedication while in private practice, for teaching excellence in academia and his community outreach services. Cornwell founded the Glencoe Animal Hospital in Columbus in 1976, which was sold in 2001. He still provides advice and some training to the hospital’s employees. For many years Dr. Cornwell served as an adjunct assistant professor of veterinary preventive medicine at the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, as well as on the adjunct faculty of Columbus State Community College and Manatee Community College, and a tenured faculty member of St. Petersburg College’s School of Veterinary Technology. Prior to practicing veterinary medicine in Columbus, Dr. Cornwell was Chief of Veterinary Services at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Ohio and Bitburg Air Force Base in Germany. A significant highlight of Cornwell’s career was his development of “Animal Safety is Fun,” an animal bite prevention videotape program that he personally presented to schools and community groups. This program became an educational tool for libraries, schools and animal welfare groups and has been presented in all 50 states and seven countries.


Children’s Safety Around Dogs

Animal Safety Is Fun! Keeping Children Safe Around Dogs
Each year more than five million people are treated for dog bite wounds. The estimated cost of those injuries is more than six million dollars. About 75% of those bitten are children. Most dogs are friendly. The majority of dog bites are inflicted by dogs who are frightened or excited by people doing things which agitate them. The dog bite epidemic is largely a preventable problem. Our goal is to teach children and adults how to avoid dog bites by respecting dog’s territory and utilizing two defensive postures when approached by dogs. These postures are called “Be A Tree” and “Act Like A Log”. The postures help us all remember not to run when in the presence of dogs. For more information see or .


School Teacher’s Safety

A school teacher told me she learned Animal Safety Is Fun! “Be A Tree and Act Like A Log” with her students during a presentation by a local Veterinarian. A month later she and her husband were walking in their neighborhood. Suddenly, a large dog bolted from a house, running straight towards them. Her husband said, “Run, let’s get out of here”! She told him, “No, I know what to do. Stand still and Be A Tree”. He ignored her advice and ran. The dog took no notice of her and ran past her to catch and bite her husband several times. Too bad he didn’t listen to his wife.


Animal Safety Is Fun!

Hello Animal Bite Prevention Colleagues

I am a Veterinarian who is interested in children’s safety around animals. I have had this interest for many years. In the 1990’s we introduced the first videotape program titled “Animal Safety Is Fun!” I am excited to tell you that we have modernized ASIF! It is now available as an instant digital online download which can be saved to your computer for future use.

The contents of the video have been digitally reproduced directly from the original beta format, so visual quality is much improved over the VHS of the past. This digital material will not deteriorate with time and use.

Our ASIF! logo has been updated and the supporting documents can also be downloaded to your computer as needed for future presentations.

The improved downloadable supporting documents include:

  1. Copyright Letter to encourage reproduction of the supporting documents, but not the video.
  2. Teacher’s Guide to ensure uniform teaching of ASIF!
  3. Coloring Poster for age appropriate groups to enhance learning ASIF!
  4. Parent’s Guide to be taken home with the completed Coloring Poster so children can teach these new life safety skills to parents, siblings and friends.
  5. Future Event Flyer to help you publicize your ASIF! presentations.


We hope you will enjoy presenting this material to help children learn how to be safe and confident around animals. No procedure can prevent all dog bites. But, these procedures may help reduce the frequency and severity of animal bite injuries. These are Life Safety Skills that all children should know for their health and safety.

Thank you
Animal Safety Is Fun LLC
Joseph Michael Cornwell, DVM, Sole Member