Safety, Animal Safety Is Fun! Dog Bite Prevention For Children and Adults

Safety, Animal Safety Is Fun! Dog Bite Prevention For Children and Adults
Safety around animals is important. Animal Safety Is Fun! animal bite prevention kits are now available for OVMA member use. Dr. Mike Cornwell of Animal Safety is Fun! has donated five bite prevention kits to the OVMA for members to borrow for educational presentations. The kits use the popular “Be A Tree and Act Like A Log” method to teach children how to behave around dogs. The materials include event flyers, teacher and parent guides, videos and handouts. If you are an OVMA member and interested in using one of the kits, please allow at least two weeks for processing and mailing. To check out a copy, contact

If you are not an OVMA member but want to purchase Animal Safety Is Fun! you may do so by going to and ordering the downloadable version for $49.99 or the hard copy DVD for $79.99. Either way you’ll also receive digital copies of the Supporting Documents which include a Copyright Letter, Teacher’s Guide, Future Events Flyer, Coloring Poster and Parent’s Guide. Then you’ll be ready to teach children how to be safe around dogs, cats and other animals. They will know how to “Respect The Dog and His Territory” and how to “Behave Well Around Animals”.

Animal Safety Is Fun! is in use in all fifty states and at least ten countries around the globe. This program has been donated to several third world country orphanages to teach children how to avoid dog bites in areas that are particularly prone to rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease which has no cure. Rabies can occur when a person is bitten by an animal which has the disease.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact Dr.Cornwell at You may also blog with Dr. Cornwell at

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