Animal Safety Is Fun! – DOWNLOADABLE KIT

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Kit includes a 13 minute instructional video, coloring poster for children, instructor's guide and more! Click here to see inside the kit. Once your kit is purchased, you can immediately download each file from the kit. You can download the video in MP4 format. All other files come as PDFs. You'll also receive an email with links to each download. You'll have 3 days to make your downloads. You are limited to download each file 3 times at most. Save the downloads to your computer because downloading privileges expire after 3 downloads and 3 days. If you should run into difficulties downloading your product, contact Dr. Cornwell.

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Download the 13 minute video and play on any computer. The video prepares the instructor to present this fun project. The video also contains a fun section for kids to watch and review what they’ve learned. The video is closed captioned for the deaf and hearing impaired.


You are encouraged to reproduce the printed materials as often as you like so each child and family get a copy of the “Animal Safety Is Fun!” Coloring Poster and Parent’s Guide. The copyright letter also explains the learning methodology behind the presentation.


This document details the procedures and equipment needed to present the materials. If you need some pointers on how to present the project successfully, this guide will help!


The coloring poster will be a hit with the kids! The summary of the lesson is included right on the coloring page, allowing the child to internalize the take-away points in preventing dog bites.


Involve the parents! Children can take this guide home with them after the presentation. The guide will inform the parents what their child learned and how to review with them. The guide includes additional safety pointers parents should know.


The event flyer will allow you to advertise your event with a location, date and time. Make copies and hang around your school, community bulletin boards, restaurants, rec centers, etc…

A consolidated abstract from “The Epidemiology and Prevention of Dog Bites”: This presentation reviews where, when and how dog bites occur. Methods to prevent or minimize the number and severity of animal bites to humans are highlighted. The focus is on positive interactions between people and dogs via preventive and defensive measures.


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