Animal Safety Is Fun! Unsolicited Testimonials, Excerpts, Extracts and Synopses

“Animal Safety Is Fun! has been used in all fifty states and at least six countries around the world. Dr. Cornwell has presented “Animal Safety Is Fun!” and the supporting professional journal article “The Epidemiology and Prevention of Dog Bites” at national and international meetings as well as libraries, schools and civic associations.

An Animal Control Officer in Arizona said, “As the dogs approached, all forty kids stayed calm and became trees. The dogs sniffed them, but the children stood still. I know for a fact if someone started running they would have been bitten. When my supervisor and I started this program, we decided that if it saved one child from being bitten, it would be worth it. We did not expect to save a whole class at once.”

Dr. Cornwell and Animal Safety Is Fun! have been published in The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, quoted in U.S. News and World Report, featured in Parents Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, and numerous other periodicals. Dr. Cornwell was interviewed by Bob Roberts on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition.

An extract from The American Library Association, Booklist Magazine:
Dr. Cornwell offers succinct defensive maneuvers to help prevent serious injuries from dog bites. The advice is memorably concise, effectively demonstrated in illustrative footage, and helpfully reinforced with inserts and accompanying print materials.

A consolidated abstract from “The Epidemiology and Prevention of Dog Bites”: This presentation reviews where, when and how dog bites occur. Methods to prevent or minimize the number and severity of animal bites to humans are highlighted. The focus is on positive interactions between people and dogs via preventive and defensive measures.